Hello Creative Friend!

I am in the middle of clearing and cleaning my art studio as I’ll be making new videos for my upcoming classes! So I thought I would give you a little sneak peek into where I create!

So, welcome to my little art sanctuary overlooking the sea! I am so fortunate that my studio faces east, so I see the sunrise in the morning and have great light all throughout the day!

Above: I am so lucky that my studio overlooks the cute little white Spanish cottages and also the sea!

It is a teeny tiny little space in my home here in Southern Spain and below is a little ‘hello from the studio’ video (apologies for the camera light shining in my classes!) I have also added some of my photos below so you can get an idea of where I create!

In the video you will notice I have just got back from Yoga! This is pretty much how I look most days when I am creating. I love to spend time on the beach first thing, go to yoga or play tennis. A wonderful way to get my body moving and start my day before I dive into creating or working!

All of my tutorial videos for my online classes are filmed in my studio at my desk, overlooking the lovely white cottages below and the sea. So when I am filming art tutorials, I have the table right infront of the window. When I am painting large on my easel, I usually move the table to the wall (like in the images below).

Above: The early light in the morning. This image was taken in March so the sun has that wonderful golden glow in the A.M.
Above; From above! You can see how teeny the space is… and that lovely bougainvillea that gives me a pop of color outside the window.
Above: This is where I sit and read or record alot of my welcome videos. I love to sit on this sofa!
Above: A beautiful sunny day in the studio! AND the flower suncatcher is from one of the projects in my Botanical Mandalas book!
Above: When I stand at my window, this is my view in the summer.
Above: The view when we have a storm – which I LOVE! I can hear the sea ROARING!

I would love to see your studio space or the places that you create in, so please do share your photos on my Facebook post here on my Art and Design Facebook Page here.

I was so fortunate to have my studio and an article published over 8 pages in Desha Peacock’s beautiful book: Your Creative Work Space

I hope you enjoyed a little peek into my studio and I hope to see you in one of my online classes soon! 

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