Happy July! I hope all is wonderful with you and you had a great weekend!

I am putting together the finishing touches for the Botanical Mandalas Masterclass curriculum and would love to check in to make sure that I am covering all the exciting materials and techniques that you might want to learn about…

I am also giving away 5 places to Episode one that goes live 1 September!
*The winners will be randomly chosen


The full Botanical Mandalas Masterclass Program (all 12 episodes) include at least 52 projects/tutorial videos, inspirational content, start to finish art demos, bonus content, peeks into my life by the sea in Spain and all the different approaches I take to create my own Mixed Media Botanical Mandalas. 

The Program will be broken down into monthly episodes and centered around a particular theme or exploring a particular material/mix of materials that you can use for many of your own art projects for years to come. This program will cover all sorts of mixed media projects – So I am so excited to get back into the studio this summer and the months following to dive deep into this myself.

Above: A video screenshot from Episode 1 where I teach you how to draw & paint botanical motifs in various materials.

At the moment, I plan on covering the materials listed below, but would really LOVE to hear what materials YOU would most love to learn more about so I can be sure to include them in the program.


🏵️Botanical Line Drawing/Painting Techniques
🏵️Collage and Paper Crafts
🏵️Working with Color
🏵️Fabric Art
🏵️Acrylic Painting and Layering
🏵️Creating with Nature
🏵️Flower Pressing
🏵️Stamps and Printmaking
and more…….

Please fill out the SHORT TICK BOX SURVEY which will take you less than two minutes to complete and receive a $10 coupon to use on any of my online classes.*

Your feedback will really help me shape the final materials list and technique videos that I will be creating for this 12 episode program. The Masterclass will be available as a full membership or small chunks of learning in shorter episodes.

I will publish the final curriculum the week of July 16th. 

*To receive the coupon and be entered into the class giveaway, you need to fill out all of the questions before 11.59pm PDT on Sunday, July 8th. Thanks so much! xx


Botanical Mandalas Masterclass is coming!

The Botanical Mandalas Masterclass works perfectly with my book, so you can dive deeper and explore the themes & techniques that I touch upon and learn so much more! Registration opens in July!

There will also be an ‘à la carte’ option to purchase the monthly episodes individually which includes just the content for that month which is perfect if you want to pick and choose which lessons to take.

The full 12 month program will be only $249 ($20 a month), early bird opens in July at $199 and each monthly episode can be purchased individually for $35 if you prefer to pick and choose. And remember that all my classes come with Forever Access so if you cannot join when they are released, you have plenty of time to work through everything!

About my book

I am beyond EXCITED that my book Botanical Mandalas: Draw, Paint and Create Expressive Mandala Art Inspired by Nature is out in the world! Woohoo!

This book has been a year in the making and I am so happy to be sharing this with you on the new BotanicalMandalas.com website.

It has 176 colorful pages full of inspiration for capturing the beauty in nature and packed full with exercises, tips and tutorials to create unique expressive mandala artworks. Includes drawing, painting and mixed-media projects to discover endless inspiration for your own botanical mandala journey.

My intention is that the book helps you:

  • Reconnect back to nature by taking breaks from technology to enjoy the calming energy that nature provides.
  • Slow down and take time to really observe the beauty that surrounds you in the natural world.
  • Be inspired to sketch, draw and paint flora and fauna you are drawn to.
  • Learn how to draw, paint and create expressive mandala art inspired by your own unique connection to nature.
  • Reduce stress and enjoy the calming process that ‘Botanical Mandalas’ create.

Read more about the book, watch the see inside video and order your copy HERE.