I also hosted my very first Facebook Live last weekend and although I felt nervous initially, I absolutely LOVED connecting with people on the call. I will be scheduling some more in mid-April when I open pre-sale, as I cannot wait to show you inside the book!

The feedback on my book covers has been amazing! So thank you so much for any comments you may have left me already. I have tried to reply to everyone as soon as possible as I really appreciate the time you have taken to review them for me. If you have not had a chance to check out the draft covers yet, they are posted in this Facebook album HERE.

The favorites are most certainly the Pink and Green covers and I am currently incorporating some of the great ideas that were posted to improve them even more such as making the Botanical more prominent on the pink cover and adding more white space on the green cover.

I hope to share the final cover with you next week!


*FREE* Join me and 32 other creative women who will be interviewed on the Creative Healers Summit starting March 26th! 

I am very excited to be included in this Creative Healers Summit which runs March 26 – April 11. I will be talking about the healing power of nature. Specifically how I use nature and mandala work to invite calm into my day and how this process has helped me overcome a sensitivity to electricity/electromagnetic fields.

If this sounds of interest to you, please sign up HERE Then each day from March 26, you will receive an email with two exciting new interviews from wonderful and soul-led Creative Healers who will share different ways that you can dig deeper to unleash more of your essential creative and healing juices – as well as first-hand advice from their own journeys to help you create your own successful business around your passion for creativity and healing, so that you too can help others and fulfill your soul’s purpose.

I will let you know which day my interview is due to be aired. 🙂

Below are all the wonderful creative souls in the series


This is just some of what you’ll get from the series

  • Discover how to create a successful business around your passion for creativity and healing.
  • Learn about pivotal moments in the journeys of these courageous Creative Healers.
  • Leave feeling confident that you have what it takes to share your passion with the world and help others.
  • Find out how to connect even deeper to your own creative force and healing processes.
  • Treat yourself to exploring mandalas, painting, feminine archetypes, writing, oracle cards, dance, movement, sound healing and more …
  • Bathe in the deliciousness of connecting with soul-sisters and strengthen your commitment to manifesting your soul purpose.