Hello from Bali, where I am writing my book and enjoying some time in nature.
Below is a little nature poem I wrote yesterday after I took the photo of the leaf above. I hope it brings a smile or reflective moment to your day.
The Universal Om


In this quiet space, there is ease and grace.
Of nature that falls and finds its place.
Kissing the sand, blown by the breeze.
It lays there silent, but for the waves from the seas.


That we hear in the distance, salt water finds its way.
Towards the shoreline, to meet the end of the day.
That was full of wonder, moments of sheer delight.
Revealing nature’s beauty, in this tranquil light.

As the sun disappears to give way to the stars.
These Wabi-sabi moments are exactly what they are.
In a blink of an eye, the precious moment is gone.
The present gives way for what is to come.


So give thanks for this time that we are so fortunate to see.
With our own two eyes and mindfulness to just be.
In nature, to hear the powerful song.
And feel the healing vibration of the universal Om.