Today, I am so pleased to share a little showcase with Karla Henderson who joined one of my Mixed Media Mandala classes.

What kind of mandalas have you explored before?

Louise’s course on mandalas was my introduction to making that form of art. I had always only associated mandalas with Eastern religions and yoga, both of which were not in my world experience. Curiously, though, I began my first yoga classes in the same week as starting Louise’s mandala course; the yoga studio is circled with images of colourful mandalas – it’s like getting a Mandala Hug every time I enter. On the final class of the session, I gave the teacher and the other students a small mandala with a magnet on the back as a thank you gift – great fridge magnets!

What is it you love most about mandalas?

The symmetry is inviting and is almost meditative. Sometimes, an image of a mandala will spring into mind during the day and it becomes my light at the end of the day’s tunnel. There are my markers, my watercolour paper and ruler waiting by my living-room chair. These are two mandalas I created as part of Louise’s course: the first is made from a stamp from an apple, blotted with some ink; the second is one on a layered canvas. I liked the first one instantly, but had to warm up to the second one.


What kind of mandalas do you love to create with the most?

My favourites are a mix of intuition and structure, playful doodles, and even lines – like little maps to the sweetness of life I can follow all day long in my heart. Each one tells me something about myself, like when I discovered I liked the range of purples and how they mixed with blues.

What excited you most about taking part in the “Mixed Media Mandala” class?

The Mixed Media Mandala course was the first online art course I’d ever taken. It was a thrill to see others’ work and comments, and I valued Louise’s comments and suggestions. And Louise’s charming accent was humble, light-hearted and warm.

Which was your favourite part and why? What did you enjoy most about the class?

The patient, real-time instruction and clear lesson plans and materials ranged from simplistic to very challenging, which offers the diversity a new-to-mandala student needs in order to remain engaged. My favourite lesson was the most surprising: mandala-making from real fruit stamps – who knew apple mandalas would become one of my trademark styles!

The most challenging lesson asked that we apply several layers of paint and other media to canvases; mine were so ugly (awful!) that I put them away, deep in my craft cupboard, until desperate for backgrounds this month. Marker mandalas over that mixed media turned out beautiful. So, the latter lesson was to stick with things, even if I don’t like them at the time.


In what ways did the course open up a new world of Mandala creating for you?

What fun I had with the mandala course online – so inspirational, it was like a room opening up inside of me, fully decorated with everything I love. I make colourful mandalas almost every day now.

What are some of the areas covered in the class, that you would like to continue to explore?

Ideas on how to frame and embellish mandalas are the next areas I will explore.


What are the top 3 things you are taking away from this class?

Artistic freedom heals. Art always turns out OK, so stick with it. Circles are comforting.

What would you say when recommending this class to a friend?

Be open. Go for it. Louise knows her mandala stuff.


karlaI am a 50-ish Nana to three artistic grandchildren and Mom to two remarkable 30-something kids. My 5 year old granddaughter loves making “circle art” with Nana now. To support my passion for crafting, painting and sewing, I earn a living as a teaching sociologist in a small Nova Scotia university where I surprise my students with creativity requirements in academic assignments, such as hand-illustrated covers for their papers and art coffee houses.


Join the next Mixed Media Mandala class!

Mixed Media Mandalas online classWould you like to explore the sacred circle and mixed media mandalas further? I would love for you to join me to dive deeply in the 4 week “Mixed Media Mandalas” online class.

By the end of class, you will have a journal full of sacred circles and at least one finished mixed media piece of artwork to hang on your wall.