I am so pleased to share a little showcase with Ineke Jansma from the Netherlands who joined one of my Mixed Media Mandala classes.

What kind of mandalas have you explored before?
Not so much. I like mandala’s and have a lot of mandala-books. Sometimes I have tried to draw a mandala but it always stops.

What is it you love most about mandalas?
What I like about mandala’s is the form. It has always fascinated me.

Ineke Jansma mixed media mandalas

What kind of mandalas do you love to create with the most?
I love to draw my own mandala’s. I also love to play with ink and paint and I love to use nature as an example.

What excited you most about taking part in the “Mixed Media Mandala” class?
To learn to make my own mandala’s .

Which was your favourite part and why? What did you enjoy most about the class?
My favourite part was to look at nature and then draw. The second one was to exercise with the backgrounds. I love doing that!


In what ways did the course open up a new world of Mandala creating for you?
I now know I can make my own mandala’s only by looking to nature and get inspired by it.

What are some of the areas covered in the class, that you would like to continue to explore?
I think the one with nature. I like to learn more about making mandala’s inspired by nature.
Maybe the last lesson too: making a mandala on canvas. This is the lesson where I am now. I have seen the videos, but haven’t make a mandala yet. I think I can learn much more doing the last lesson. It gives so much opportunities.

Ineke Jansma mixed media mandalas

What are the top 3 things you are taking away from this class?
I loved the whole class. The structure of the lessons. It started with easy mandala’s but at the same time interesting exercises.

What would you say when recommending this class to a friend
When you love mandala’s you would like this class!

About Ineke

InekeI live in the Netherlands with my husband and two sons. I have been a teacher for many many years , but two years ago I decided to change my life. After doing a lot of workshops  and much experimentation, I now have my first exhibition (with six other persons). I find this very exciting, but I am also proud. I love making woodcuts, serigraphs and mandalas.


Join the next Mixed Media Mandala class!

Mixed Media Mandalas online classWould you like to explore the sacred circle and mixed media mandalas further? I would love for you to join me to dive deeply in the 4 week “Mixed Media Mandalas” online class.

By the end of class, you will have a journal full of sacred circles and at least one finished mixed media piece of artwork to hang on your wall.