moyo magazine colour story, color harmony in your home I am so pleased to see another of my “colour stories” articles featured in the beautiful MOYO Magazine. This issue is all about using colour to create harmony in your home. {pages 79-82 here}

moyo magazine colour story, color harmony in your home

More about the great articles inside below. Enjoy. It’s free to download! Download your copy here

moyo magazine colour stories, creating color harmony in the home

Issue 8 of MOYO Magazine is the HOME edition! Here you’ll find a wealth of ideas and expert advice to help you style-up your home and make it truly feel like yours.

Plus in our 111 page FREE magazine you can find:

  • Print, pattern, passion with Sophie Robinson
  • Running a Business with Skinny laMinx
  • Life in Colour with Emily Burningham
  • Building a Brand with Surfacephilia
  • Behind the scenes photoshoot with Make it in Design
  • Interview with Mini Moderns
  • The Ceramic Process with What Katie Loves
  • Tricks of the Trade Show with Abigail Borg
  • Colour challenges, design tips, tutorials and lots more……

PLUS: Designer Diary: Laura Slater, advice from ACID on protecting your work, wallpaper design tips from Jessica Hogarth and much more! see inside for details!

Please feel free to share this resource on your blog, in your newsletters etc and tell all your friends about it using this link: MOYO is free and we want to share the wonderful world of surface pattern design with as many people as possible! Thank you so much.


More colour stories here: Pink, Green, Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, violet and other press on my press page


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