Mixed Media Mandala class interview JudithToday, I am so pleased to share a little showcase with Judith Clough who joined  my Mixed Media Mandala class in 2014.

What do you love about mandalas?

I love everything about mandalas! They are beautiful and can be expressed in so many different ways. Simple or intricate, peaceful or joyful, they take you into a sacred space and add beauty in your life. I now see mandalas everywhere … all around my home for instance, – on my duvet covers, furniture, crockery – I have always been attracted without realising it!

Mixed Media Mandala class YinYang Mandala - Judith Clough

What kind of mandalas do you love to create with the most?

Nature is the biggest inspiration for my mandalas and through the course I have really enjoyed drawing, photographing, painting and creating mandalas in nature.

Mixed Media Mandala class Autumn leaves mandala - Judith Clough

Which was your favourite part and why? What did you enjoy most about the class? 

I loved every bit of this varied course – pen drawing, doodling, sacred geometry, and the wonderful process of creating the backgrounds for the mandalas and then seeing what would emerge when painting the mandala on the top!

In what ways did the course open up a new world of Mandala creating for you?

This is the first time I have used mixed media backgrounds and I enjoyed the process so much that I am now hooked on it! Through Louise I have developed a new interest in collage – something I never thought I was any good at! I would like to explore more in these areas and would love to do the mixed media colour course.

Mixed Media Mandala class Green jungle mandala - Judith Clough

What would you say when recommending this class to a friend

Louise is a fabulous teacher, she has a wonderful way of presenting her teaching and sharing ideas. I would highly recommend anyone doing one of her courses!

Taking the course with Louise has opened up all sorts of additional aspects for me – the fun and the joy of purely creating, a refreshing feeling of awakening and developing my artistic talents, plus introduction to techniques and ways of working that I haven’t explored before. This is really exciting and inspiring!

Mixed Media Mandala class Blue reflections mandala - Judith Clough

Judith CloughI am a teacher of spiritual development and healing. My interest in Eastern spirituality was where mandalas first captured my attention, and since then I have encountered and worked with the magical wheel of life in Shamanic and Indigenous spiritual practices from all over the world, as well as in Nature herself. I received my spiritual name ‘Nyima Khadro’ during a ten year training with a Tibetan Master from the Bon spiritual tradition of Tibet. I find creating mandalas a spiritual process, it becomes a meditation, centres me, opens my intuition and takes me into a space of inner journeying.


Next class starts: Monday 30 March, 2015

Mixed Media Mandalas online classWould you like to explore the sacred circle and mixed media mandalas further? I would love for you to join me to dive deeply in the 4 week “Mixed Media Mandalas” online class.

By the end of class, you will have a journal full of sacred circles and at least one finished mixed media piece of artwork to hang on your wall.