I am very excited for 2015 and will be working on reviewing my 2014 in a few days. I’ll also be sharing another free ‘review & celebrate’ download (from the upcoming Big Dreams, Small Wonders class) with you all to help you work through closing your own year off as I know many of you loved last years free download too. 🙂

This season is all about spreading joy
Seeing excitement on the faces of little girls and boys

For taking time to help those in need
So many people with hungry mouths to feed

A festive wish from me to you
Thanks for making a difference in all you do

Each smile, each word, each waking moment
Can change the energy and get rid of any torment

What does a festive wish mean to me?
Family, friends and a decorated tree

Full of hand-made gifts and precious thoughts
Taking time for each moment
Not just the gifts we’ve bought

Thinking of those that have no words left to say
Sending positive energy from my heart their way

What does a festive wish mean to you?
How can you make a difference by just one thing you do?

Be thankful, be kind
and you will always find
a light in the darkness
to open our minds

Something that can be challenging and true
Is to walk a day in another’s shoe
to understand, lend a hand
try a small gesture or something grand

So as we approach the festive week of goodwill
Take some time out & stand silently still

To send a wish to those close or far
{Something to light their darkness}
……like a positive heart energy filled shining star.


Wishing you all a wonderful festive season and wishing you all the best as we approach 2015.