Spectrum {collaborative holistic arts journaling course}

spectrumofferHere are the beautiful guides for Spectrum…

Kimberly Davis, Baraka Elihu, Erin Faith Allen, Katie Ryan, Lisa Rough, Maya Zaido
Darcey Blue French, Tracy Verdugo, Jocelyn Brown, Kyeli Smith, Connie Hozvicka, Lisa Renee Wilson
Melissa Prince, Jess Belkov Garmon, Betsy Canas Garmon, Hali Karla, Cynthia Lee
Louise Gale, Jane Cunningham, Ginger Mae White, Chris Zydel, Michelle Casserley, Whinnie Calhoun
Shamsi Charlie Pettus, Shelley Henry, Michelle Turbide, Jeanette house, Loran Hills, Martha Atkins
Melissa Ixcheldevi, Rachel maddox, Laurie Staples Ritchie, Toi Lynn Wyle, Galia Alena, Deborah Milton

A Visual Journaling Experience celebrating your Art~Body~Nature!

Spectrum is a collective of 30+ holistic-minded artists, healers and visionaries that have come together to offer a 10 month online workshop in which you will create a visual field guide devoted to awakening, exploring, deepening & celebrating the innate wisdom within YOU.

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$120 now just $90!

(September is the last month to join us)

My offering…

I am excited to be joining the beautiful guides below to take you on this journey. My class will be offered in the October session named “SENSE” and we will be traveling and combining our different senses to create healing art in our journals {more detailed description will be revealed in December and include some gorgeous audios for you to keep.}



* 11 DOWNLOADABLE PDF GUIDES CONTAINING WORKSHOP CONTENT and INSPIRATION from 30+ CONTRIBUTORS, delivered right to your inbox each month. It began March, 2014 so there are already so many beautiful gifts to download straight away! Here’s a taste of the themes that will guide your journey:

11 month plan Spectrum

Each month’s pdf will contain workshops & activities from 2-4 of the talented contributors + an in-depth workshop with Hali Karla to facilitate the creation of your unique Spectrum Visual Journal. The pdf will include instructional video & audio, supportive content, and tantalizing visuals by the artists, healers and visionaries that make up the Spectrum 2014 Collective (read more about the contributors below). These guides will be packed with pure love and inspiration!

You will also receive…

* MEMBERSHIP TO THE PRIVATE SPECTRUM Facebook COMMUNITY and SPECTRUM Flickr GALLERY where you can share your creations and process, connect with others, be inspired, engage in discussions directly related to each month’s theme, and receive supportive feedback from Spectrum contributors and participants.

* The opportunity to learn a variety of techniques and processes about creative, holistic perspectives that will enhance your own self-exploration, inspire your creative practice, and enrich your life.