Hi everyone and welcome to this months creative challenge! This month, is all about Streets and Alleyways


Before you start creating, take some time to think about any streets you have seen before that make you think of Spain or Europe. What colors come to mind, what scenes of beauty have you seen. What are the initial thoughts that come to mind when you think of this?


I believe that when we create in the form of play, beautiful things will happen. We let go of the expectations of what the final result will look like and loose ourselves in a blissful creative zone. This is my wish for us this month. To lose ourselves in the joy of creating, just because it is fun! Because we are ‘just playing’ anything goes!

THE CHALLENGE: Create a street or alleyway scene inspired by Spain or a Mediterranean town

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Gather photos of streets and share with the group or create your own pinterest board/mood board.
  • When you think of streets and alleyways in the med, what are the words, feelings and colours that speak to you? Cut these out of magazines or write them out and glue onto your image or just collage them onto a blank piece of paper. Perhaps pick out certain things that you associate with this.
  • With your pencils or paints, create a sketch or painting inspired by this theme

Print off a pdf of the challenge here: CCChallenge_streets&alleyways

I am excited to see your creations!


Over the month, I will be sharing my own progress with the group using different materials, so I hope these inspire you to explore further and give you some ideas. All images will be posted into the facebook group here:

streetsPinterestI Also set up a Pinterest board with a collection of hibiscus inspired creations, so if you are craving more image inspiration, here is a lovely eye candy start!

Click here for the Pinterest board