red journal pages colour energy workshop ©Louise Gale

Last week, we embarked on a new session of my Creative Colour Energy class. It is such a joy to completely soak ourselves in colour. I love to revisit and play along with my students when I run the class live, so here are a few of my little red creations as part of our vibrant red energy immersion. Orange coming up next!

Red collections colour energy workshop ©Louise Gale

red colour play pages colour energy workshop ©Louise Gale

Colour Energy: Red is the colour of the base chakra, associated to the element ‘earth’. It represents connection and preservation. “I have” is the vibration of this chakra.

Colour Therapy: Red is applied to the body to warm and improve circulation of oxygen into muscles, which in turn encourages extension and movement. The colour red also stimulates the kidneys and adrenal glands causing them to release adrenalin into the blood stream.

A tiny peak into a selection of my red energy artwork and photography……

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