Hi everyone, today I am combining my free mandala class series with Paper Love. So we have two for the price of one! WOOHOO!

So today is all about Mandalas and paper together, yummy!


Just a small pile of paper!

Paper Love

First of all, here is a little video intro to some of my favourite hand-made papers which I’ll be using in the mandala class video below. I love love love handmade paper and collect it wherever I can on my travels to add to my stash. I love the texture, the way it tears, the beautiful nature elements and patterns that can be found. I also collect paper from envelopes, wrapping paper, bread bags! parcels….. basically any scraps of paper go into my paper love stash.

I also love to collect papers in various colors and as you can see below, I pop them into color folders to use for some of my own color energy work. {and as part of my color energy online class}


My colors of the rainbow collection for my color energy work

Mandala class – part 2 – collage

For the free Mandala Class part 2, we are using these beautiful hand-made papers to create a very simple circles collage and an 8 point mandala with paper and pressed flowers. If you do not have access to hand-made paper, that is okay. Colored paper, wrapping paper, parcel paper or any other type of paper you can get your hands on would be just perfect!

This is just a teeny tiny peek into what we will be diving into in the new “Mixed Media Mandalas” online class


Mixed Media Mandalas online classWould you like to explore the sacred circle and mixed media mandalas further? I would love for you to join me to dive deeply in the 4 week “Mixed Media Mandalas” online class.

By the end of class, you will have a journal full of sacred circles and at least one finished mixed media piece of artwork to hang on your wall.