Above: Sneak peeks into the journal pages for each of the 6 senses we will be covering in my lesson

It is just a few days until the wonderful SPECTRUM begins (1 March, 2014) and I promised you all a little sneak peek into my offering which is called “Sensing Journey”

In my lesson, I will guide you through relaxing, connecting, grounding and using your art journal to express what you are sensing through your senses of sight, smell, sound, touch, taste and intuition. This is your unique journey.

My class includes a welcome audio, sensing journey meditation and videos on journaling techniques and page creation using watercolor pencils, gel pens, stamps and words. We will create intuitively following on from the sensing meditation where we connect deeply and wholeheartedly to how we see, smell, feel, taste and intuit the world around us.


Journal page from “I see” technique video

Why a Sensing Journey?

I am very fortunate to live on the south coast of Spain. My senses are constantly saturated and immersed in so much beauty.  The salty fresh air, blue sky, birds singing and the breeze blowing, I can hear the ocean from my apartment and see the sun glistening on the water. I feel the cool sand between my toes and am calm and contented in my home and in my day to day life.

When we slow down, ground ourselves and connect deeply with all of our senses, we tap into ourselves on a whole new level. Opening up a new world of intuitive creative expression and positive energy flow.

This is my wish for you as you take part in my lesson.


If this sounds good to you and you would like to join me AND over 30+ creative souls who are also offering lessons, today is the last day to enter the giveaway! Click here to comment on the giveaway post for your chance to win a spot in the 10 month long program. (worth $120)


I cannot wait to meet you and all the beautiful souls who will be part of the Spectrum community for 2014.