My book is really starting to come together now we are in day 10 of the 30 Days of Gratitude with


It is quite interesting following the prompts as on most days, I am finding lots of different things to say thank you for, so some of these pages may go on a little detour. It’s such a pleasure to spend time playing with paper, tearing, making little windows and gluing inspirational words and image to each of them. Each page is very different. Days 1-3 are on my blog post here. Below are where I am so far with days 4-10.

Day 4 – Health – click here to see the prompts


I cut a heart shape out for today’s page and used paint to create a red/pink heart inside. Health for me personally is such a personal journey, it is what we do every single day that becomes a healthy lifestyle over time, so I felt really conscious creating this about some of the choices I make. I am very grateful for a strong immune system, for the health of my family and friends and for taking deep breathes on a regular basis through meditation.



Day 5 – Waterclick here to see the prompts


Water is so essential to our lives. I love living next to the ocean and seeing this huge body of magnificent water everyday. I have started drinking alot more water than I have been (helping with prompt 4!) and am very grateful for clean water to drink.

I am grateful for the rain that enables everything to grow around me.




Day 6 – layers – we had a lovely guest post from Lee Clements here


There are many different layers of gratitude. What words mean, many words can describe one particular object, feeling or situation. There are always more layers, ways of looking at things and positives in every challenging moment that may come our way.








Day 7 – Selfclick here for the prompts


Celebrating and learning to love the self, who we are is something I would like to do more of. What words would I like to live by and to become.

(Yes I have a little obsession with bare feet!).

Learning to love ourselves, really love ourselves is something that needs to be at the top of the list more. 🙂


Day 8 – Sense of smellprompts are listed here

day8_wip_smell2The sweet smell of roses. I have a little rose bush in a pot on my balcony and because the weather is still so gorgeous here, it is continuously blooming. I think I have a strong sense of smell so pick up on lots of different scents in the air. Love the scent of chocolate, good coffee and jasmine. lovely!




Day 9 – Learningprompts here

day9_learning Living in Spain, learning Spanish is my focus at the moment. It is moving along slowly but surely and I have a wonderful Spanish teacher. It is challenging, and I am oh so very grateful to be in a position to be able to learn this new language and culture.

There are many things I like to read about and learn, having knowledge does enable us to make informed decisions in life and I am already thinking about what is next on my learning list!



Day 10 – Journey  – a lovely guest post from Juliette Crane

day10journey600pxls Life is an amazing journey and today’s page is all about the adventure of life. There are always many twists and turns to everyday, that is what makes it truly exciting. Like life, gratitude is also a journey, sometimes the path is easy to walk, other times it is very difficult to even tread along.

I try to take moments every day to consciously be thankful and this 30 days of gratitude, is so much fun to take part in as it helps me deepen this practice and create a beautiful hand-made book to cherish in the process.



days1-9pages_600pxlsI look forward to sharing more work in progress throughout the week on instagram here and sharing the next week of pages next Sunday. If you would like to join in, it’s not too late to start or even catch up at some point if you’d like to print off the prompts and re-visit later on. Please visit to learn more