In case you missed it on Friday, this month i am joining in with ‘your heart makes a difference‘ for the 30 days of gratitude.

I do honor and give thanks for all that I am grateful for everyday. I make time to set intentions for the day ahead, get down to the beach every morning to put my barefeet into the sand and see the sunrise (when it’s not too cold!), and take time out during the day to be still, silent and contemplate everything around me that gives me joy.

The lovely aspect of using November to focus on gratitude is that it is also the month where many choose to heighten their own gratitude practice. What this means energetically is that around the world, lovely peeps are giving EVENMORE thanks during the month of November than they may usually do so throughout the year. This is like a ripple effect around the planet.

Not only do we generate beautiful energy for ourselves and the people around us, we are sending this out around the world together all throughout the month of November. Imagine if every single person on the planet consciously gave thanks every single day, 365. How different our world would be.

book&pages 3 days of gratitude

As I mentioned in my intro post a few days ago, getting started can be noting just 1, 2 3 things that make you smile everyday, or saying “thank you universe”. {Many have laughed at me for saying this, but it works!} 🙂

I am really enjoying putting the prompts together for the daily posts here, and to honor this process for myself, I am challenging myself to create a little hand-made page every day which will by day 30 be sewn together to become a gratitude journal I can look through, share and smile at often. I look forward to sharing my pages and process here and I invite you to also take part in the 30 day celebration. You can dip in and out as you like, join in anytime. If you only have 5 minutes to spare, making a list everyday can really change things up.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this today.

Here are the pages I have created so far! {pop back next Sunday for the next 7 days}

Day 1: Starting a practice

The first prompt was to ease into practicing gratitude, especially as it may be new for many of our readers.

To get myself started, I made a new cover, as it really is about having ‘an attitude of gratitude’ everyday, not just for the 30 days. I love handmade paper and rubber stamps! so i created this beautiful cover to get started. I very rarely cut using scissors as there is something about ripping paper that is oh so satisfying.

day1_attitude of gratitude

Day 2: Environment

I love my environment, I am so happy living by the ocean. I am thankful for seeing this beautiful ocean everyday. It makes me feel calm, serene and I often spend time on my balcony looking out watching the little fishing boats. I also am very lucky to have 100’s of birds living right next to me, in the morning, they sing their merry song as the sun rises and in the evening, before the sunsets, they chirp away very happily. {I even painted a picture to try to capture this sunset scene here}

Today I had many of them flying up to my window, as if they were saying “hello” and looking in at me. I am thankful for these beautiful birds. Everyday is different, the waves, the beach, the colors in the sunset and patterns on the ocean water. I hope you like my page for ‘environment’ I loved cutting out the windows! Here is the prompt for day 2.

renvironment 30 days of gratitude

Here is the front of the page, with the cutout windows open.


and the inside of the page with one of my birdie stamps over the sea. Can you also see the Rock of Gibraltar in the distance?

Day 3: Gratitude wins (guest post with Jessica Swift)

The lovely Jessica Swift guest posted today. It really resonated with me when she mentioned resistance and that gratitude always wins. I have been resisting writing morning pages as part of the “Artists Way” group I am so lucky to be part of with Sandie over at itchifingers.

So rather than resist this, I decided to follow Jessica’s advice and so yes, gratitude wins. Here is the front of the page…

day3_resist and gratitude wins

And below is the other side of the page where I started to let my words flow unconsciously.

day3_resist_final words

I am already excited to see this book start to unfold, I’ll be putting it all together once I have worked through the month.

If you would like to learn more and join in, please do pop over to ‘your heart makes a difference‘ and follow the journey each day.

Gratitude Meditation

If you are looking for another way to get started, I would like to invite you to purchase this gratitude meditation, mini book and journal prompt page. It is a great way to get started each day for one week and I am asking for an exchange of only $4.95. Once downloaded, the audio and pages are yours to keep forever.

Would you like to invite more gratitude into your day?Do you feel like you need to slow down?Would you like to find 10 minutes each day to relax?This 8 minute audio will take you on a journey through your 5 senses to explore gratitude and can be used anytime throughout the day to connect you to the present moment.pagesHere is a little 7 day mini book to jump-start your own gratitude journey. {mini book page included in this download}