Oh how I love seeing these beautiful images on the sand.


The colors and textures are so beautiful on the eye.


I decided to hug my nature mandala with my shadow before I said goodbye to it.

Mandala’s take us into a meditative state whilst creating them and it is very easy to become attached to these lovely little creations, especially when they are so precious – made from natural & found objects. One of the amazing parts of this process is leaving this nature mandala right where I created it for others to find on their own daily explorations or perhaps the breeze will change it slightly and “mess it up”. Being able to detach myself and let this go is such an important part of this too, the joy and creation is all in the process. I am continuing my own journey in the art of letting go as much as I can.


Every Monday {most Monday’s!} I share a nature mandala I have created using natural objects found on my daily explorations. This is a beautiful process for grounding {my word for the year}, connecting with nature and practicing the art of letting go.

Other nature mandala’s I have made can be seen in my porfolio