Tonight is a full moon, where traditionally in the northern hemisphere, this moon marked when corn was supposed to be harvested, so it is also known as the full harvest moon as it is closest to the autumn equinox.

I found the “Bring it OM” in a magazine and just loved it, so it had to be added to this months board.

I am also joining the lovely Jamie Ridler ‘s full moon dreamboard group share this month. Jamie’s prompt was: “What dreams do you wish to bring to fruition?”

I didn’t focus on this prompt as I created this board, I let my intuition guide me and collect images that spoke to me.

So according to my deamboard, the dreams I wish to bring to fruition are

  • Be close to nature (which is my daily practice and my word of the year is ‘grounding’)
  • Meditating at the ocean with the sunset (this is my go to place when I ground myself)
  • Be barefoot as much as possible
  • Let my soul guide me with meditation and retreats.
  • Let the light shine
  • Make more opportunities.

Below are more of my dreamboards, full moon mandalas and visionboards I have enjoyed creating…..

Here are the dates of full moons for the rest of 2013.

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So, What dreams do you wish to bring to fruition?