Today a pattern in the universe will present in our skies for seven hours. When the Moon moves into position at about 1pm in New York, 6pm in London and 3am in Sydney (July 30th), a second Grand Trine in Earth signs (involving the Moon, Venus and Pluto) will form and activate what is called a Grand Sextile, which is a rare pattern formed by two triangles (Grand Trines) with six planets moving into position around the dial at 60* from each other..

grand-trine example

A Grand Trine is a pattern in the chart when three planets form “trine” (120 degree) with each other. If three lines were drawn to each of the corresponding planets, it would form a nearly or exact equilateral triangle.

This Grand Sextile creates what is commonly known as a “Star of David” which is the “As above, so below” symbol. The pattern symbolizes the harmonious union between masculine and feminine and involves the two feminine elements, Water (highlighting emotion) and Earth (highlighting physicality), as well as both of the major feminine planets, Venus and the Moon. It has been called by some “The Return of the Divine Feminine Grand Sextile.”

You can read more about this aspect on Wake up World here and Conscious Life News here – where they talk about the energy of this pattern is bringing similar understandings of this time — an incredible time of opportunity and energies that encourage us to step forward into our creativity, truth, and power.

I do not know much about these planetary alignments, but I look forward to seeing if I can pick up any energies that are present during this time. If anything, this is a perfect time to celebrate the feminine, our creativity, art and aliveness! To open our hearts and  allow ourselves to be in our bodies.