Rainbow Energy Joy Journal from Louise Gale on Vimeo.

This class is being hosted on the “One Little house” art website, so please pop over there to register. Class starts on Monday July 21st and is $35

One Little House


What we’ll be doing:

In this class, we will work through each colour of the rainbow and the energies they represent to create a hand-made journal to keep. I’ll guide you through creating beautiful pages for each colour and putting them together to create a journal full of rainbow joy!

This class is perfect for beginners: no creative experience required. All instruction will be given.

What you’ll get:

  • An introductory video with inspiration for creating your own colourful journal pages
  • A rainbow audio meditation you can play or download to keep – which will help you tune into all the colours of the rainbow
  • An introductory video for each of the colour sessions.
  • Colour & energy affirmations – a page for each colour/level of energy you can download and use in your journal/artwork
  • Closing chakra balancing meditation – this can be used anytime as it is a great way to re-balance your energy after each colour session.

We will use the discussion groups to chat about each colour session and feel free to post questions to Louise as you journey through.

Suggested Supplies:

Paper for the pages: I recommend you come to class with a nice thick card you can fold over or water colour paper that is textured if you want to paint on your pages and something that wont buckle when you use glue! I love to use 260 gms paper as I love the feel of it, but this is completely your choice based on paper you may already have, like to use or something that feels great to you. Bring A4/ 8.5×11 paper to get started with. (We will cut to size in the class)

Collect magazine cutouts in each colour: Go through your old magazines and collect images or samples in each colour: Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet. If you come across words that also speak to you, gather those also.

Coloured pens, pencils or paints you can use for each colour.


Rubber stamps, stencils and ink pads: Any rubber stamps or stencils you may already have, ink pads in black or a vintage stain colour which look wonderful with any colour.

Ribbon in any colour: We will use this to tie our cover & the book together. I would use something around 1-2cm wide for the mini books and wider if you choose to make a larger version.

Embroidery needle & thread that is thicker than sewing thread. I like to use hemp cord which is the 10lb version as it’s a great thickness and feels great to work with, but again this is your choice if you already have something at home you can use.

Other optional materials may include: Fabrics and other materials you have in different colours, paper cutting tools (hole or pattern punches if you have them), see-through mini envelopes….

Availability of content:

This is a self-guided class so once the class is open, you will have access to all the content. This means, you can choose which colours you work on, when. Louise will be on-hand to answer any questions. The class material will be available to you for at least a year after you register, so you can access it whenever you wish.

Please note: If you are already signed up to the Creative Colour Energy Workshop, this Rainbow Joy journal class is included within that classroom for you. 🙂

This class is being hosted on the “One Little house” art website, so please pop over there to register.