This weeks mandala is all about freedom and affirmations. I loved making this using some pressed flowers from plants on my balcony and affirmations I use regularly. I would like to add some hand-painted elements to it also.

There is something about creating with nature, it really does connect us to something greater. The pressed flowers and petals are so so delicate and adding these to this weeks mandala reminds me just how precious life is.

Monday Mandala nature and affirmations

The affirmation is the center reads:”The rhythm of life is when you experience your own body mind and soul”

nature mandala, pressed flowers, natural, sacred circle

I cant wait to press more flowers and petals to use more on my next mandala. 🙂


Every Monday {most Monday’s!} I share a nature mandala I have created using natural objects found on my daily explorations. This is a beautiful process for grounding {my word for the year}, connecting with nature and practicing the art of letting go.

Other nature mandala’s I have made so far in the series……

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The nature affirmation mandala is also one of the lovely creative projects we will be making at the next “Life Sparkle” weekend which is all about bringing more freedom into your life.

More information about the “Freedom” weekend can be found here