The weather has been amazing today and it was such a pleasure to relax on the beach and build this mandala with the found objects around me. There is an awesome Hibiscus bush on the way to the beach and so many buds had dropped there that I just had to pick them up to use today.

There are still pieces of small driftwood on the beach and I love how the wood looks against the sand and the foliage. I love this mandala. I also used the tiny seashells i found on the beach. You have to look REALLY closely to find them.

The stones around the edge forming the circle complete really pulled this all together. What a wonderful Monday it has been.

I took a little break from the Monday Mandala this past few weeks, so it was so lovely to spend time meditating to the sound of the roaring ocean to build this one today.


Every Monday {most Monday’s!} I share a nature mandala I have created using natural objects found on my daily explorations. This is a beautiful process for grounding {my word for the year}, connecting with nature and practicing the art of letting go.

Other nature mandala’s I have made so far in the series……

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