Oh MY! How I am loving Instagram again!

Being outside with nature is one of the most fundamental, enjoyable and inspiring things! It is why I chose my Word of Year “Grounding” so I can connect & spend more time barefoot, connecting back to the natural world. As I have been exploring in the last week, I have been taking my little ipod touch along for the ride and snapping daily adventures using instagram.

I have not used this lovely photo snapping tool for over a year and now the app seems to be working wonderfully for me, I AM LOVING IT SO MUCH! YAY.

Of course the subject matter I am snapping is so super inspiring, that I just cant help myself as I record the beauty that surrounds me on a daily basis. I keep pinching myself…. every single moment of the day I am surrounded by nature, color, sunshine, birds (the most beautiful swallow like birds), mountains, flowers, ocean, sand, patterned stones and well I could go on and on…….

I mentioned on Monday how I am missing my art supplies and studio oh so much and am now creating art with natural objects I am finding on my daily adventures, well I love that I am also spending more time outside not only creating natural mandala’s for “Monday Mandala’s” but also snapping daily photos of inspiring beauty all around.

My whole world is my art studio and the supplies are out there in nature.

So here is my first ‘Snaps on a Sunday’ {check out the invitation to you below}

Lots of things have been making me smile this week and here are just 7 of them…..

Mandala from nature, natural mandala

 Creating my first Natural Mandala in Spain {using found objects & a gorgeous tree stump!}

“Working” on my balcony {What a view}

Mini peppers in colourful pots {yes lots of pink and purple pots for me!}


Picking from my own lettuces for lunch

My fridge and cooker finally arriving {New kitchen coming soon!}

And of course finding hearts on the beach just after Valentines day.

Would you like to join me in sharing the story of your week through images?

Starting next Sunday, {and every Sunday} I’d love for you to come and share any images or inspiring photos from your week right here on my blog. You can share one image or many, add words or not – it’s up to you.

I’ll post up a linky tools image link so you can share your blog post if you do decided to join me. This is just one of my new “happy art” projects I’m creating for myself – to spread beauty through art making {in any form}, practice living in the moment with gratitude and help radiate good energy out into the world. {If you already join my weekly “Joy Jam” I am also combining these!}

What do you think? Would you like to join in?