My first Nature Mandala {made from natural found objects}

I am so excited about getting my new art studio up and running, but it’s going to be a few months away as I get some building work finished in my new apartment first. As I arrived in Spain with only one suitcase, I couldn’t bring any of my big art supplies with me either so am now looking for inspiration in whatever I can lay my hands on as I have been longing to create!

Taking a walk along the beach and around the gorgeous gardens where I live not only fills the air with sweet aroma’s, {the jasmine near the cottages is intoxicating}, it is also a creative playground full of natural objects washed up on the beach or items that have fallen from trees and plants.

Collecting these is so much fun, and I soon discovered that there is an abundance of creativity and color all around me, as well as beautiful natural patterns – I don’t need my paints or canvas’s just yet!

So like any new beginnings or fresh starts, I am creating a new practice to guide me on my new journey. Monday is my most favourite day of the week, so along with setting an intention for the week ahead, I am going to see what natural tools I can find to create with until I get my studio up and running again. I wont be picking anything from trees or plants only using what I find on the ground and what has already fallen. Who knows what will wash up or float in my direction!

I cant wait to share these with you each week.