Tonight (well actually tomorrow the 31st at 9.53am EST) sees the very rare “Blue Moon” where we have 2 full moons in one calendar month AND also in an astrological sign.

To celebrate I drew this months mandala on the beach and as it’s a blue moon decided to color it in using different variations of the blue pencils I have with me! Hope you like it.  I have loved having limited materials with me and spending time outside creating.

According to various moon phase websites, a blue moon happens every 2.7 years on average and it is even rarer to catch a double blue moon, which is when a blue moon occurs twice in one year.  The last double blue moon occurred in 1999 with the next one expected in 2018.

Another rarity this year is that the blue moon will occur on the day of the funeral of man’s first moon walker Neil Armstrong who passed away last Saturday at age 82. source
The full moon brings us much energy very month, and it feels like this one is going to be extra special.
I am off to a full moon party on the beach tonight. I wish my camera enabled me to get a good photo of the sky, the ocean and happiness to show you what fun will be had under the Full Blue Moon here in Spain.
Wishing all your dreams come true under the power of this months full moon. xxxx

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