JulyCC_lettersHello! I’m mixing it up again this month with colors and a theme. Hopefully this is nice and open enough for it to be a challenge, but not too difficult!


  • Create something using ANY or ALL of the colors shown above (you can also include white or black in your creation)
  • The colors don’t need to be 100% exact – the codes/numbers are listed for guidance and if you decide to create using a computer, you can grab these codes.
  • THIS MONTH: Include the theme of “LETTERS” into your work. This can be anything to do with letters you mail or letters in the alphabet. {See below for ideas}
  • Share it in the flickr group here
  • Pop back here on the 28th where I will share mine. I will then invite you all to post a link to your work or blog post about it all and visit everyone who participated. Read more about the challenge and to sign up here

Some ideas

Envelopes, writing, stamps, mailboxes etc. Lots of parts to this theme to explore and have fun with. Collage, pattern, jewelry, painting and lots more! If you would like to explore typography, have a go at creating letters of the alphabet and playing with the colors.

Click below for the board I created on pinterest for some more ideas!

ENJOY! I cant wait to see what you all create!