I am very excited to be heading off upstate New York today to spend 5 days at the Omega Institute. I have been longing to visit this place for years and now the time has come.

I’m going to be taking the wonderful “Intuition Playshop” with Elizabeth Harper which is “A Creative Guide to Awakening Your Psychic Awareness” soooo exciting. You may remember Elizabeth did a color/energy analysis on my recent artwork here.

I have been longing to tap into my inner senses so this is a perfect way to really dig deep in a relaxing and inspiring environment. I will be meeting others who are being guided along the same soul path, and will expand my awareness of living more from the heart.

A photo of Elizabeth and I in 2011 at her color healing workshop

Here is the description of the workshop…..

In this deeply transforming and joyful playshop with Elizabeth Harper, we intensify our intuitive skills, nurture sensitivity, fire up psychic awareness, and discover our own deliciously enchanting talents and gifts. We practice techniques for exploring telepathy, psychometry, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, mediumship, psychic art, prophecy, and medical intuition. We learn to:

  • Sense and interpret energies through our own inner wisdom
  • Work with our energy anatomy
  • See and read auras
  • Create chakra pictures and auragraphs
  • Safely apply techniques for working as a psychic
  • Use household items as interpretive tools for guidance
  • Meet and work with our spirit guides and angels
  • Answer our most profound questions
  • Play!

Does that sound yummy to you?

The Omega center also offers a wonderful selection of activities outside of class hours which I am just overjoyed to learn about. I am particularly excited about the Tai Chi every morning before class, yoga in the evenings and then to continue my meditation practice in the santuary.

“The Sanctuary is the spiritual heart of Omega’s Rhinebeck campus. A space of beauty and tranquility, it is open to you for meditation, reflection, prayer, or simply sitting quietly in contemplation.”

I think I’ll be doing alot of contemplation too.

It really feels like a heavenly place doesn’t it, to be for 5 days, i am so grateful to be spending time in nature with other kindred souls to see where this journey takes me next.

More to come soon……