Gorgeous window display taken in Paddington, Sydney, Australia

Today is my 39th birthday and as I embark into my 40th year into this world, I’ve been thinking alot about my dreams and goals for the year ahead.

There are so many ideas swimming in my head and my biggest challenge is always focus! Taking time out traveling for 4 months, really did give me the space to quieten my mind, breathe, explore and enjoy every moment.

I love my vision board for 2012 {below} and seeing it everyday on my studio wall energizes my day and helps me focus on the path I know is the right one, one that I am focusing on for the next year. It was so interesting, creating this with my intuition this year as it really does have more on here about how I want to feel and how I want to express myself. The only image I am totally in the dark with is the little birdie on the bottom left corner, but I HAD to put him on there. So maybe he will reveal himself sometime over the next year. 🙂

I love that!

2012 Vision Board

Most of the time, we think of goals as things we want to do, have or accomplish, when infact, its really about how we want to feel every day of our lives. The tasks and goals we set ourselves are just ways to help us get to those feelings, they are the strategies.

How would you like to feel everyday?

I want to feel:  Calm, balanced, energized, healthy, passionate, loved, inspired, free, secure….unlimited.


“I wish” taken at the Botanical gardens, Sydney, Australia

Wish [to want; desire; long for]

So with all those feelings in mind, I wish………….

To see my artwork, designs and patterns on fabric, interiors, china, walls.

To work with other creative souls who inspire me

To write {or be part of} a book combining color, energy, creativity and pattern

To travel to South America

To feel good about my body by nourishing and exercising it. {and fitting into all the wonderful clothes I have in my wardrobe}!

To learn to play the Spanish/Classical guitar and take singing lessons

To have a space that is a collaborate gallery, studio out the back and a place to have creative chat.

To continue to exhibit and sell artwork

To establish a life where I live between USA, Spain and the UK, seeing friends and family in different continents on a regular basis throughout the year.

I know there are many more, but keeping with my intentions….focus is key! 🙂

How about you?

How would you like to feel everyday and what are your dreams to get there?



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