“Silver circle burst” {part of my emerging “Summer Dayz” collection}

I am always looking for similarities in life, rather than differences so working on designing co-ordinates as part of the “Art and Business of Surface Pattern Design” course has been a dream for me. Everything is falling into place as I create patterns to complement each other.

Co-ordinate sheets {or presentation sheets} like these really help us as designers and also prospective clients get a feel for how the designs can work together. It really does spark the imagination thinking of wallpaper, bedding, lampshades, stationery and lots more! That is only the beginning, imagine all the different color ways you can create too!

summer dayz co-ordinates

“Summer Dayz” co-ordinates.

I am learning the software slowly, and signing up for the adobe trial first really has helped me ease into it all without dishing out alot of cash upfront. I am also a “learn by doing” kinda gal, so once I got the hang of a few key elements and got my head around the layers concept, I am loving every moment.

Blissful Blooms co-ordinates

Can you see the similarities? What kind of products can you see some of these designs on?

Happy Memorial Day weekend!