Hello to another wonderful new moon, meaning new dreams, hopes, a fresh start and new beginnings for the weeks ahead. I absolutely {LOVE} this phase in the moon cycle as it’s time to start afresh and dream more dreams.

Please join me in gathering images and words to create a Full Moon Mandala or Dream Board for the Full Flower Moon on Saturday May 5th. On this date, I will post my mandala, invite you to share yours and let’s visit everyone to send positive energy to manifest our dreams. I also participate in Jamie Ridler’s dream board circle on her blog, so please also pop over to her site too to spread the love further.

The Full Flower Moon {Northern Hemisphere}

In most areas, flowers are abundant everywhere during this time. Other names include the Full Corn Planting Moon, or the Milk Moon.

Full Pink Moon prompt: What is flourishing and blooming in your life? How would you like to bloom?

The Full Frost/Beaver Moon {Southern Hemisphere}

If you are in the southern hemisphere, you will be gathering for the Full Frost/Beaver Moon. This moon refers to the time to set beaver traps before the swamps froze, to ensure a supply of warm winter furs. Another interpretation suggests that the name Full Beaver Moon comes from the fact that the beavers are now actively preparing for winter. It is sometimes also referred to as the Frosty Moon.

Full Frost/Beaver Moon prompt: What are you inviting in to prepare for the winter season?


Between today’s new moon and the full moon on May 5th, let your dreams and thoughts unfold to create an inspiring and beautiful Full Moon Mandala.  I cant wait to see what you have to reveal under the Full Flower Moon.

Read more about the Full Moon Mandala’s here.