swingphoto credit: Midnight Raven

Happy Friday everyone! It certainly has been some journey over the last few months as I have been traveling around Australia and New Zealand and currently back in the UK for a week seeing friends and family.

It’s been perfect time to take some ‘time out’ and just ‘be’, see old friends, see the beautiful natural world and gather LOTS of inspiration for the next phase of my creative life. {more to come on that!}

I have had so many things to be joyful for and cannot wait to share some of the beauty and inspiration I found whilst ‘on the road.’ Being without internet access for most of the time was a huge challenge, but it did enable me to really focus in on ‘living in the moment’, really looking at what is important to me and how I can enable more of that is in my daily life. Living that daily joy, I knew more than even I have the freedom to create my own world.

So to get me back into the “Swing” of it all, I am joining the “Joy Jam” over at my other site “your heART makes a difference” to radiate some positive energy out into the world. I would love you to join me.

Here are 5 of my joyful moments this past week alone!:

1} Spending Easter Sunday with my mum, brother and sister in law remembering how important family meals are {even if they also include a lively debate!} and remembering my dad who passed away last April.

2} Eating hot cross buns, toasted with melted butter with a good cup of English tea {oh yes one of the best things in the world!}

3} Seeing all the blossoms on the trees, feeling the rain on my skin and knowing Spring is here.

4} Meeting up with wonderful kindred soul Erin Faith Allen, who is running the wonderful UK art retreat “Call of the Wild Soul” this September. We had the most wonderful exchange for many  hours!

5} Having lunch with my mumsy, watching the world go by and thanking the universe for our free food we received at the restaurant! {The universe also offered me more abundance earlier that week from another restaurant!}

What were the 3-5 things that gave you joy this week?

Feel free to add your list to the comments below  or you can join the Joy Jam link party over at “your heART makes a difference” this week.

Have a wonderful weekend all!