Greetings from the east coast of Australia where I am taking some time out, exploring and just being for a few months. It has been a joy collecting gorgeous images and words to build this months board and I invite all of these new possibilities in over the next moon phase as I continue my travels up the east coast of Australia and head over to New Zealand at the end of February. {I usually love to create my boards in a circle like a mandala, but as the rectangular style is much easier to transport, I’m taking a break from those at the moment!} 🙂

This month’s dreamboard is all about:

  • Exploring {the external environment and my inner self}
  • Unwinding
  • Being free
  • Being inspired
  • Rejuvenating
  • Nurturing my creative soul.

Did you create a dreamboard for this full moon?

If so, pop your link to your online image or blog posts in the link section below. You can download a FREE sheet about visionboards here to get started. It’s a lovely creative way to focus in on how you would like to feel and what you’d like to attract over the coming month. I always create mine inbetween the new and full moon every month. {Next new moon is Feb 21st and ill be posting my next dreamboard around the full moon -March 8th}. Please join me.