Your Awesome Year WorkshopCathy and I at the workshop

We did it!  Artist Cathy Kirwan and I facilitated a wonderful afternoon with creative souls at the {Your Awesome Year} Workshop last Saturday January 28th in Melbourne, Australia.

It was so exciting to be co-hosting this inspiring afternoon whilst I am traveling in Australia and a thrill to work with Cathy after we had first met {and last seen each other} over two years ago!

The room was filled with anticipation, curiosity and excitement as we started the day off with a grounding meditation (one of my favourite ways to relax and be present). We then reviewed and celebrated 2011, saying goodbye to what had passed so we could allow new possibilities in. We then spent the afternoon visioning our dreams for 2012 and beyond through visionboarding, a gift exchange and indulging on champagne and cakes!

Your Awesome Year WorkshopParticipants adding all their 2011 successes to the celebration wall

Your Awesome Year WorkshopVisioning our dreams, making vision boards for 2012

I was soooo excited to take some of my tools and techniques from the “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” program and deliver in-person – on the other side of the world.

Visioning dreams through vision boards and dream boards is absolutely one of my passions and to facilitate a group in person again this year {3 years running woohoo!} whilst traveling overseas was a dream come true. I felt so at home in this space, creating an environment in person for others to dream and open up that I just know there are more group events such as this to come.

Here are some of the beautiful souls and their vision boards {I created mine already this year here}. More photos from the day can be found on my flickr set here.

montageYAYSome of the lovely participants sharing their vision boards for 2012.

To also top it all off, I got to meet lovely Lee Clements and Wini Dougall in person who have been virtual blogging friends.

Are you ready to create Your Awesome Year? Here are a couple of resources from me to help get you started:

1) Download the FREE Vision board fact sheet to create your own vision board for 2012.

2) Purchase and get an instant download of the “Big Dreams, Small Wonders” workbook & planner (also includes a 2012 calendar) only $14.95.

3) Subscribe to my blog to hear about coaching services coming in April/May to help you create your best life this year and beyond.

Wishing you all an amazing year ahead and thank you to Cathy and all who participated.

P.S. I am currently creating my dreamboard for this month and will be posting near to or on the full moon which is Tuesday February 7th. I hope you will join me in collecting images and words of things you’d like to attract into your life this coming month and use the power of the full moon to manifest them. {You can also post your dream board in the flickr group here}