LOVING being in England for the festive season this year. I’ve been catching up with family & friends and decorating with my mum to get the house all festive.

This weekend I headed out of the town to get some good old fashioned English countryside Christmas with some old friends.

Country Christmas fair with art, wine tasting, baked goods (yummy) and home-made chocolate.

Beautiful festive glasswork and art from local craftspeople
{Above glasswork by Carofusion}

Hot mulled wine to warm us up!

Christmas cookout to fill our tummies

Wonderful country pub with an open fire to welcome us.

General store to pick up some hot chocolate and fresh veggies from the local farmers.

After seeing Father Christmas, the children happily played

Real mistletoe! YAY!

Finishing off the afternoon with Christmas carols around the tree.

Wishing you all a wonderful warm and festive time and much love. Xx


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