YES! The exciting & energizing Creative Color Challenge is coming back in 2012!

I have been having so much fun creating the Color Bliss mini retreat which is a complete program of energy & color meditations and exercises, that I want to bring even more color into my life and those around me. Will you join me?

The new look Creative Color Challenge will be EVERY MONTH in 2012 – WOOHOO!

How it started

In August 2010, I wanted to stretch myself as an artist and explore color more. Especially the colors that scared me a little. So I put a challenge out on my blog to pick a different color every week in the month of August and invited creative friends to join in. The response was amazing. I ran another challenge over Christmas, in February and then again in August 2011. I would love to color our lives even more as a community and explore color together so I would love for you to join me in my exploration in 2012. Below is just some of the amazing creations been posted from the challenges into the fickr pool.

Join the flickr group here

It’s so much fun!

All the challenges will have a combination of colors like below:

I will also give you the color code, so if you want to create on the computer you can pick the exact colors. These are just for guidance so you can mix your palette as loosely or as close to the colors as you like – this is all about exploring and having fun!

Are you ready to explore color with me in 2012?