Yes! I am in hand-made heaven at the moment.

Since taking Rachel Hazell’s expandable book class at The Do What you Love Retreat this May, I have been dreaming about making a series of mini journals focusing on gratitude, affirmations, love and simply beautiful and yummy things. (check out the “Journey of heart” book I made at the retreat here)

After my month hiatus in Spain, taking time out, meditating and also treating myself to my own 7 day Creative Cleanse e-course! (class starts this Saturday- October 15th!) I completely re-balanced myself to allow my creative energy to flow freely once again. Oh my goodness, it is on overdrive  and I have so many ideas for creative projects over the next few months. (learn more about the mini-retreat class here)

I have had so much fun exploring all my boxes of left over materials I have in my studio. Discovering ways to combine and stitch little unique details into the books. I love how prints of my own artwork from the past year can also be incorporated.

My mum was over visiting me last week and she bought me a heart lattice stamp, which I adore. It cuts out the most beautiful heart shape on the watercolor paper. Each of the pages are hand cut to create a lightly torn and wonderfully imperfect page.

These are still work in progress as I am getting ready to launch a new exciting project on October 17th. When I think about this year so far: losing my dad, spending time in Spain, going through my life coach training – I realize how amazing life really is when we take time to sit back from our busy lives. Take time to live in the moment, live from the heart, be thankful and be kind to ourselves aswell as others. Feeling aligned with the world and the universe enables my creative self to be in a constant flow.

to Live

to Laugh

to Love.

I cant wait to share some of the finished books in a couple of weeks.

They are all completely 100% unique and made with love.


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