This months Full Moon Mandala is full of color, harvest and nature. I am open to abundance and letting all of these things fall naturally to me.

This month, Jamie Ridler asked us “Dreamboard-ers” “Under this moon, what harvest do you want to invite into your life? What would I like an abundance of?”

For me, this month is all about new creative adventures. I am inviting an abundance of creative expression and inspiration that is overflowing.

Are you looking to invite more creative expression into your life, re-balance yourself to let your creative self be free and flow abundantly – join us THIS SATURDAY as we embark on a “7 day creative energy cleanse and chakra balance


AND announcing the TWO winners of October’s First Friday, who both get a place on the 7 day creative energy cleanse:

Comment #11 – Congratulations! Tiffany

C0mment #4 – Congratulations! Rita

Look forward to seeing you in the “Mini-retreat”. You can still join us – only $35. Check out all the juicy details here

Some of the art I created when I took myself through the Creative Cleanse

Enjoy the rest of your week everyone!

Louise Xx