Falling for the Cranberry colors.

I can almost taste the festive berries.

This past week or so, I have been having so much fun in the studio, working on my new exhibition “Falling for Fall”.

I love the Autumn weather so much, the colors the feel of the air, that I wanted to capture some of that in these pieces.

Falling for the Golden sunlight in the evening

Some pieces have real leaves I collected from my weekend walks around the neighborhood.

So lovely to work in the burnt umber, golden orange, cranberry and greens.

Some of the work has a marble effect from the plaster and wax mixed together which I love.

“Autumn Flowers”

I love the roses and flowers still brave enough to flower in the crisp autumn weather.

Falling for fall is so easy to do.

I love that eventhough we had some snow (yes SNOW!) over the weekend, there are still flowers peeping up to say hello on this sunny morning.


I’m hanging the fall show on Tuesday Nov 1st and it will run throughout November at Klimat, in the east village in NYC.Excited to show you the images once it’s all hung. 🙂