Plaster of paris on burlap and real leaves collected from my weekend walks.

Over the weekend, I completed immersed myself into some new work. Soooo great to get the studio messy again! I am creating a new body of work for an exhibit in November I am calling “Falling for Fall”. Each piece is going to be around 20×20 inches square.

Paper flowers and leaves embedded into the plaster as it dries

I love how the plaster sits on the burlap making its own marks as it dries. The new work will have a white look for a while until I get all the lovely wax ontop of it. This is when it goes a wonderful creamy romantic shade.

This piece already has the ink dripped onto it to give the effect of leaves on the ground and its all ready for the wax later on this week.

Today, i also started Judy Wise’s “HOT WAX” class and I can tell already that i am going to LOVE it. I cant wait to incorporate some of the new techniques into this body of work over the next few weeks and beyond. (look at some of her gorgeous work below)



I am so excited to spill the beans on a new project I have been working on. A project for all to contribute, to make a difference. Something from the heART, something full of heART.

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Check back later this week for all the juicy details.