Happy new season wherever you are in the world!

Color Bliss image with snippets of artwork Louise created when she took herself through the Color Bliss program.

New seasons bring time for change, for balance, cleansing, renewing and revitalization. I am so excited to be offering this mini-retreat full of color, meditations, creative prompts and balancing techniques. “Color Bliss Mini Retreat: A 7 day creative energy cleanse & chakra balance” is the perfect to “re-set” your creative muse for the new season ahead.

This “Mini Retreat” has 4 amazing elements:

  • Chakra Healing Haven – we will work through each level of our body’s energy system to re-balance & energize through guided meditation and relaxation.
  • Creative prompts to release, heal & energize your body and creativity. Each Chakra healing session will come with a delicious download of creative prompts and exercises.
  • Daily Affirmations for each session to release any limiting beliefs you may be holding on to.
  • Online nurturing community space to connect with me and your Virtual Color Bliss Retreat Community.

The retreat space is open from October 15 – December 15 so you can revisit, invite your friends to participate and join in anytime during the 2 month retreat.

What does it include?

This program is completely self-paced and includes:

  • A dedicated online space for you to access the mini-retreat content (open for 2 months)
  • A dedicated private flickr group to share creations, thoughts and support from Louise & others who have been or going through the cleanse. (open indefinitely)
    • An introduction from Louise
    • Introduction sheet on the chakras you can reference as you work through the program
    • 7 individually focused sessions to work through. Each session comes with:
      • A guided meditation focusing on the associated color, energy and balance of each chakra
      • Creative prompts for you to explore through painting, drawing, journaling what each of these represent for you, releasing any negative thoughts and focusing on positive action.
      • Affirmations download for each chakra energy centre to use in your own creations, journal and however you wish.
    • A closing out meditation to draw from all the renewed energy


  1. Day one will also include a color meditation from the outstanding coloriscious expert Elizabeth Harper
  2. Affirmation artwork from Louise to download and keep to remind you how amazing you are.

Connecting Your Mind, Body & Creative Spirit – Your Unique Journey.

As we are all unique beings, you will be invited to work through this mini-retreat at your own pace and via any way you choose. You can work through each session from Red up to Violet or decide what healing or energy boost you need for that particular day and focus on that session first. You may also choose to dedicate a whole day or weekend as an intensive immersion in your own haven at home. Whatever you decide, the retreat space is open for 2 months after you sign up (opens officially on October 15th) so you have time to work through the content and completely immerse yourself in the experience.

Treat yourself

to the

“Color Bliss Mini Retreat: A 7 day creative energy cleanse & chakra balance”

for ONLY $35