Photo credits: 1) Umbrella 2) Tone 777 3) Food&Spirit 4)Bodyactualized 5)Heartflower 6)Lizzy Anthus

Color Story #10 is the last in the weekly Color Story series from this summer here in the northern hemisphere. I hope you have enjoyed these stories and they have inspired you in some way to explore your own creativity and sense of seeing the world. Color Stories will continue here as I continue my exploration, so look out for them every month or so.

To celebrate #10, I thought it very appropriate to feature the 7 chakras and 7 colors of the rainbow. My exploration of color, energy, yoga and meditation are all coming together.

Inspiration: The inspiration of colors, the rainbow and the chakras, has been inspiring me for many months.

Color: The 7 main colors of vibration (not including white & black)

Story: Chakra is a Sanskrit word that translates as “wheel” or “turning”. Each of the main 7 Chakra’s is a vortex of energy that resonates with the 7 colors of the rainbow. Our body, like all things on earth is full of energy. Energy systems can hold current or old emotions from either the conscious or the subconscious mind. Feelings such as unforgiveness, fear or anger are forces that resonate at the lower levels of the energy system and can dampen the color of the chakra and also inhibit it from spinning gracefully. The wheels of energy affect us when they are unbalanced or blocked both physically and emotionally. We affect our own chakra energy system through our thoughts and feelings which create various levels of energetic values.

The rainbow, colors and our chakras all vibrate energy at different levels and through my exploration of color, working on my life coach training as a Core Energy Coach and my new understanding of how energy works in our bodies and the world, I am entering the new season with new hope – from my heart center.


Join me on Friday September 9 for a blog post with creative prompts to create from the heart & radiate Heart Energy out into the world for the weekend of Sept 10/11.

and then on

Monday September 12th for 5 days of Energy:

A short blog post every day covering snippets of energy in: Color/light, feng shui,  art/photography, our planet, our bodies and how our thoughts and feelings create different levels of energies.


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