night sky colour storyPhoto credit: 1) Christina West 2)Blake Caldwell 3) Luis Argerich 4) Zolt Levay 5) Chris Anton

Inspiration: The night sky in Spain, full of stars

Color: Night sky of blues, purples and blacks

Story: I’ve been enjoying the night sky so much more this last few nights here in Spain. I spent a lot of time outside on the full moon Friday night at a local beach bar celebrating its power with many other creative souls. It lit up the sky like no other night and seeing it reflect its perfect light on the ocean made my heart sing. We laid on the beach and gazed up at the night sky, soaking up it’s beauty, contemplating the sheer vastness of space and seeing the stars twinkle at us.  Feeling the fine sand on my toes and through my fingers, smelling the salty air and seeing the deep blues and purples of the night sky will never fail to inspire.

What does your night sky look like from where you are currently?