I am spending my August break reflecting alot and finding so many things that are inspiring me and making me smile that I decided to bring back “5 things that make me smile”. It’s been almost a year since I posted these “smile” posts (time flies far too quickly). Of course there have been plenty of things making me smile, and the truth is……I missed publishing these monthly smiles on my blog space. So…. it.is.back.

This month it’s all about my time in Spain

There are many things making me smile this month, here are just 5. 🙂

(feels so good to say those words again)

Finding doors ajar, inviting me to explore

Colorful Umbrella’s – a feast for the eyes

Feeling grounded and connected to nature

Fresh food to energize my physical self


Strengthening and crossing bridges between Mind-Body-Sprit

What has been making you smile this month?


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