Welcome to the Small Wonders series.
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As I’ll be posting my color story on Sunday, here is my entry this month:

July – My Small Wonders this month
  • My coach certification training is so exciting! I went to Boston to learn about the Energy Leadership Index and will be certified in the next month, so I can begin to coach others on the use of it starting in the fall. WOOHOO!
  • Adding a “Shop” to my website
  • Finding a new flatmate – YAY!
  • Designing and building the new website for my local non-profit art co-op: hob-art.org
  • Creating 8 new pieces for my “Sew Hoboken” exhibit in August
  • Visiting with a close friend in Boston and meeting her 1 year old son for the first time

How I’m going to celebrate these Small Wonders:

  • I am going to take some lovely time out in August
My Challenges this month were:
  • Two of my closed friends left NYC to live in other countries (I will miss them lots)
  • Juggling too many projects
Theme of the month:
  • Opportunities and slowing down
August – My intentions and key focus areas:
  • “Sew Hoboken” art exhibition at the Hoboken Historical Museum
  • Opening registration for Big Dreams, Small Wonders Sept class
  • Wrapping up and sharing the wonderful Creative Color Challenge entries.
  • Seeing my mum and brother.
  • Taking some time out and relaxing – taking an August break
  • Spending many days meditating and relaxing on the beach
  • Exploring new places through photography
  • Working on my new e-kit “Color Your Life”
  • Getting certified to coach on the core energy leadership Index
It feels good to put it out there! 🙂 Please join me in being brave and sharing below:
  1. What you are most proud of/what you accomplished this month
  2. How you are going to acknowledge these moments and celebrate
  3. If you had a theme for July
  4. Any challenges you recognized
  5. Your intentions and focus for the next month

Ready to celebrate? If for some reason, you do not want to share this month, please continue to go through the process, it’s so amazing to realize what the month brought you and what you will focus on next month.

So excited to hear your Small Wonders this month. Xx

It’s also a NEW MOON tomorrow, so get started on your monthly dream board for August. I will be posting mine around the full moon (12th/13th August)