lammas color story

Photo credits: 1)PaganWiccan 2) SelenaAWolff 3) witchcraftfloral 4) Craftychickscuppacoffee 5) PaganWiccan 6) PaganDepot

Inspiration: The upcoming Lammas festival on August 1st/2nd

Color: Colors usually associated with this time of year are earthy oranges, browns, yellows, and golds.

Story: Lammas festival is the first Harvest of the summer, celebrating the spirit of the grain focusing upon gratitude and blessings for abundance. It is held on August 1 in the Northern Hemisphere. Traditionally bread using the first harvest would be baked and broken to share abundance. The colors are used to symbolize the harvest and the sense of renewal that comes with it. Take some quiet time today to give thanks for all the blessings you have received so far this year.

What are some of the experiences and people you are grateful for so far this year?