colour story peaches

Photo credits: 1) Ec Yew 2) Mary T 3)Ian Hooper 4)Happy Homebaker 5)Meighan 6) Anne Elliott

Inspiration: A palm reader I met randomly one day telling me to “Eat More Peaches”

Color: Bright, creamy & peachy!

Story: I met a stranger one day whilst hanging my artwork in the city, who asked to read my palm for an energy exchange of $10. Something compelled me to say yes – he had a calm friendly way about him and I thought “hey I may learn something”. So I sat down and listened intently as he described my life – not saying a word to give “anything away”. After about 15 minutes of talking, he looked into my eyes, smiled and told me to eat more yellow & orange food in my diet.

“Eat more peaches” he said.

Now this perplexed me a little. “What does that mean?” I thought. He asked me some personal questions about my health, intuitively knowing what was currently ailing me which both surprised me and comforted me. “Eating these yellow/orange kinds of foods will help balance you again and help”.

This wandering soul of a man inspired me to explore further as the words “eat more peaches” come back often to remind me. Yellow and orange are the colors of the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra’s and when they are out of balance can be linked to digestion/intestinal problems, which sheds the light on that conversation! So I now often enjoy a bowl of cereal with peaches. He would be so proud. 🙂 Yummmm

My exploration of color, the chakra system and energy continues……… (more on Tuesday)