Don’t you just love those words?

Here on my “Dream, Inspire, Create” blog – my philosophy is to share ways to Dream Bigger, Be Inspired and Create Your Best Life AND have lots of creative fun in the process!

Last August I hosted the first Creative Color Challenge, and oh what fun that was! It was so amazing to be totally basking in color for a whole month with so many creative souls, that I’m doing it again! This time, I’ll not only be hosting another challenge (look out for the proper announcement 1st week in July), but I’ll be introducing my new “Color Stories” feature, bringing Inspiration, Color and Story as one.

I have been inspired by so many things this past few months and it’s been both fun and challenging putting my thoughts into order.  I lost my way for a bit when my dad passed and a few months on, I am happy to say I am getting back on track to creating the life I am here to live, thanks to him, my family, fabulous friends and you, my creative community.

I have been developing my new e-course “Color Stories” (starts August 8th) and so many colorful things have been coming into my life since January as this idea has been manifesting. Through looking at the colors in my environment, colors of the clothes I wear, colors I am creating with, colors linked with coaching, energy & the chakra’s (more on this coming in July!) and colors of food I eat (more on this in July too!). All of this “Colorlusciousness” is starting to blend into something amazing for me as all the paths I’ve been traveling on are starting to come together. My intuition is guiding me and I’m excited to share and hear your thoughts on these areas too.

So to kick this all off in true colorlusciousness – every Sunday starting July 3rd, I’ll be posting up a new “Color Story” which is just a small snippet of what we cover in the e-course. More info on the e-course here.

Below is the first Color Story: Inspired by the August 2010 Creative Color Challenge, I pulled together some inspirational artwork from the amazing participants:

Color Stories Inspiration from the 2010 Color Challenge:
1. Just Jax, 2) E makes Art, 3) Exploring Creativity, 4) Art Herberts, 5), Gumnut Logic 6) Juliette Crane

Inspiration = my wonderful creative community, Color=.every color element, Story = How color can bring so much creativeness and community in our online world.

Check out more artwork from the challenges on the flickr group here. (where over 500 photos are posted)

The stories will be based on color, something that’s inspiring me, a story and lots more. I hope they bring more inspiration, color and story into your life too.


Register NOW for the “Color Stories” e-course – 3 weeks of color exploration, visualization and creation! Only $65 when you register before June 30th 8pm EST (Thursday)

Class starts Monday August 8th

See you Friday, for the July First Friday Giveaway with a special ColorLuscious giveaway!