Hi everyone, I am honored to be part of Sandie’s blog hop today to celebrate her blogiversary with the theme of “Celebration”

Today I’d like to celebrate friendship.

My NYC “bestie” is leaving America today to go back to Australia. I cannot begin to express how this feels. Being an expat, means an element of a transient lifestyle; people coming and going, finding new places and adventures. Over the 6+ years living here, I have seen many friends come and go, the art of saying goodbye has become a way of life here, which doesn’t necessarily make it any easier. I often say… “there is no such thing as goodbye” as I always believe that true friendship never really does part- even if there are physical oceans and continents.

To celebrate the last 6 years, the good times and memories made, I created a hand-made memory book for my dear friend. Photos, words, concert tickets and messages from special friends made up this book of her NYC life for the handful of years she was now saying farewell to. I cried as I selected the photos to include, remembering many fun times with a smile.

A friendship that over the last 6 years has grown so precious. I cannot imagine what life is going to be like without our chats over red wine about the world, life, energy and the universe. (thank goodness for skype!). Many evenings spent in conversation and contemplation. Many nights out with the girls celebrating a bond that cannot be recreated. Moments in time.

New adventures await my friend and I know I will be seeing her again in the near future.

My friend was humbled when she received the hand-made creation of her life in NYC. There were tears, laughter and lots of memories. Creating this memory book solidified these memories, from the electronic to the physical, for years to come. It felt so good to create something so full of love for Diane to take with her as she embarks on her new adventure.

How do you honor friendship? What do you do with your photos you take of your friends? What can be a good way to let your friends know you care about them? You care that you met, that they made a difference? They don’t need to be leaving you, to be able to receive this kind of love. Why not contact a dear friend today and let them know how much they mean to you. Who knows what affect you may have on their day.

If you’d like to, please leave a comment about how you are going to celebrate your own friendships today and this week.

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Congratulations Sandie and enjoy the blog hop everyone. xxx