follow your intu-wish-n

Hello! it’s such a wonderful treat to be a guest here in Louise’s beautiful new space. I often find myself stopping by, just like you, in search of a little something to fill my creative well. wandering through the online universe is something i love to do especially when i have the time to lose myself in all the delicious images and words.  i always stumble upon shiny moments and serendipitous inspiration that, each in their own way, become a spark in my own world.

That’s the thing about inspiration… it most often takes me by surprise and sweeps me off my feet! it’s emotional, visceral, and spellbinding as i simply follow my intuition opening door after door, following link after link. it fills me up in ways that nothing else really can.

Photo Credit: Nina Gilbert

Sometimes I’m inspired by colors or textures, or maybe it’s an idea or a desire or an emotion. sometimes it’s wanting to capture a moment and somehow make it permanent by wrapping it in words, fabric or paint as a way to try to hold on to it forever. always, I’m inspired by the things that make me feel most connected to living in my own creative life and the little earthquakes of my everyday journey unfolding… the things that bring me real joy and ultimately mirror the truth of who i am. when i listen to what inspires me i hear my soul gently whispering, and beside me i hear the whispering of others all around me here in this beautiful creative community as well.

Creative living is vibrant and resonant in this way. it wants to be expressed and shared and to persist like a starry night. it creates a beautiful endless circle of giving and gathering. I love this quality, and adore following the breadcrumbs of all of our stories and collecting them in big yummy handful’s to feast on and nourish my own life.

Thank you for being a special part of that – of my story.  now GO!  off to follow your own breadcrumb trail.  magic awaits.


Mindy Tsonas is the hostess and creative director of, an inspiring community and online art studio for creative women. she also blogs at under a pink sky, sharing her personal journey and everyday creative life. Follow her @inthewishstudio


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