My Ongoing Argument with the Universe

The Universe and I have been having the same dysfunctional conversation for years. I’d even call it an argument. Imagine an ongoing debate between a tolerant, patient, knowing parent and a defiant, rebellious, stubborn teenager, a debate featuring repeat performances of sulking, stonewalling and avoidance. Guess which role I’m playing?

The Universe and I only have this argument about one thing. See, I totally get that the Big U knows the score. I sit at her feet and drink in her wisdom all the time. I listen when I go for a walk, when I dance, when I journal, when I take a few minutes to simply stare out the window. I listen when I go on an artist’s date, when I tune into music, when I’m alone at a coffee shop, when I meander through stores, streets and galleries. I know there are messages for me, for all of us, everywhere.  And I believe in listening.

Unless the message is “slow down.”

Oh, sure, I’ll slow down if I’m about to step onto a busy street or if I think there’s something to see right here, right now. But if we’re talking, “take a nap” or “take a break” or “walk away from the computer,” well, I often ignore those. Mostly because there’s so much I want to do, so much I adore, so much I want to experience, so much I want to give, so much I want to take part in. I don’t want to miss a thing!

So, often I just push until the Universe pushes back. And I’ll tell you, the Big U is stronger. I remember reading Carl Jung in Man’s Search for Meaning saying that the Universe will tap you on the shoulder, tap you on the shoulder, tap you again, and again, and eventually, if you don’t respond, it will kick you in the bum. (Clearly I’m paraphrasing here. I don’t think Carl Jung said, “bum.”)

I’ve been knocked on my bum more than a few times, usually in the form of an illness or two, the kind that stops you in your tracks and makes you slow down and I’m full of gratitude that they have passed. I’m getting better at letting this message in, at not ignoring that I am living in this precious gift of a human body.  I’ve come to realize that loving life and participating in it with enthusiasm, verve and gusto includes enjoying rest time too. There’s joy and love in sleep and ease and when I nourish myself, I truly nourish my dreams.

Maybe it’s time to stop resisting, to stop cherry-picking the messages I want to hear and discarding the ones I don’t. Maybe it’s time to say yes to downtime, to listen to the messages that say, “slow down.” Maybe it’s time for me to trust, really trust, that there is time.


Jamie Ridler is a creative living coach and the founder of Jamie Ridler Studios. From coaching to workshops, from podcasting to blogging, Jamie’s work helps women find the confidence and courage to discover and express their creative selves so they can be the star they are. Follow @starshyne


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